Working with Andrew and IET has given me my life back!  I could hardly walk, even with a cane, and was on a heavy cocktail of pain medication for chronic back pain caused by an accident when I met Andrew.  We have worked together twice a week religiously and for the last five years I have not needed any medications and have been scrambling in the mountains in remote parts of the world, something I never expected to be able to do again. And, I’m no spring chicken!

I am eternally grateful.

Abby Jane Brody




I was referred to IET by my doctor less than a year ago.  I had gone to his office convinced I had something seriously wrong because of the significant pain I had in my hips and abdomen and across my lower back.  The pain was with me all day and doing simple things like driving the car, playing with my kids and walking the dog had become unbearable.  I felt “crooked”, I had plantar fasciitis and the idea of working out seemed to be totally impossible given all of those physical restrictions.

After a two hour physical the doctor confirmed the pain and restrictions were all based in severe muscle spasms and my over compensating patterns.  He said I was a difficult case because there was no easy solution.  He sent me to Andrew Reilly at IET after telling me a story of what he felt was a miraculous recovery of another patient and said perhaps he could help.

Day 1:  I limped in and spent an hour with Andrew.  He discovered many things I instinctively knew but was clueless how to fix.  I walked out feeling a spark of hope, pain free in the hips and standing tall!

Day 2:  Andrew said to me “you can’t do anything I can’t fix”.  Within a few weeks I began to realize this was true. I started to trust Andrew and the staff at IET and allow myself let go off the old patterns and to believe I could go paddle boarding, I could walk the dog, I could go bike riding and I could start to rely on my body again.

Day 3 to today! …….I am a regular at IET.  I have come a very, very long way!  I am lifting 75 lb kettle bells and doing squats, planks, bear crawls and a ton of other exercises that all make me feel strong and capable.  I can bike ride and paddle board and walk the dog.

For me this is an unwinding of multiple abdominal surgeries, years of compensations and pushing my body hard to keep up with all that I do.  I’ve watched the team at IET for almost a year now work with clients who have chronic issues like me, clients who just tweaked a knee skiing or falling on ice or someone who is coming in post surgery.

The knowledge the IET team has of functional muscle movement, kinesiology and patterning combined with an understanding of how emotions can play into injuries and healing makes for a practice unlike any other.  They are truly filling a need and can often “fix” an injury or pain no one else is able to.  I spent 12 years looking for someone to help me and now I have found my answer.

I continue to be amazed at the collective knowledge the IET team shares, the amount of time they spend continuously educating themselves and the fact that I can be the recipient of all of it!   Thank you!!!!

Kristen Farrell



I spent over 30 years actively “abusing” my body – first playing Gaelic (Irish) Football, Soccer & Tennis in my youth – then moved on to Athletics, competing on Scholarship in NCAA Division I – Indoor, Outdoor Track & Cross Country for four years, competing also for Ireland as a Junior International – running up to 100 miles per week – regularly competing at distances up to the half marathon.

I followed that “abuse” by spending almost 20 years “hunched over a computer” or alternately behind the wheel on my car !!  The “perfect cocktail” for significant dysfunctional issues in my lower back, upper back, gluts, knees – a torn Achilles Tendon, torn Rotator cuff & other assorted “weekend warrior scars.”

……………… Eventually, in my late 40’s I realized if I didn’t try to regain some reasonable level of fitness the window would soon close forever.

Along came Andrew Reilly of IET !!! Andrew  has worked patiently, meticulously & with extreme professionalism to rehabilitate – one, by one – the myriad issues that caused me to have a difficult time even putting on my socks each morning !!!

Working with Andrew over the past few years I have turned the clock back decades in my physical abilities. Now I able to jog again, bike & enjoy a golf handicap moving in the right direction!!

If you are looking for a TRUE EXERCISE & REHABILITATION PROFESSIONAL, dedicated to continuous learning & professional improvement, who employs the most up to date theories in Exercise Physiology – supported by a Hand Picked Team – not just a “Trainer” – IET is you only practical choice on the East End – no other operation comes close!!!!!

Dermot Dolan



2 babies (via C-sections), years of running and training, coupled with years of forgetting to breathe at all times, grinding my teeth and clenching in response to stress not only took a toll on my body but was starting to become part of my everyday life.
While training for a 1/2 marathon my “knee” was starting to give out and I was beginning to loose hope in my ability to run. I hobbled to the orthopedic who did a few tests, an X-ray and the end result was that I had ‘jumpers knee’?. A few handouts of stretches later I was out the door still in pain and confused by the outdated cartoon stretches I was to do for the next few weeks. So I did the stretches and continued to chew Advil like it was my daily gum and still I was unable to walk without pain let alone run.
That is when I was introduced to IET and the team. There my life and body suddenly told a different story. What I had failed to do was stay connected to my body and help to reconnect it post surgeries. What’s worse was that I had not learned how to properly cope with stress and in turn it was destroying me physically.
After an hour evaluation Andrew made connections to my scar, breathing patterns and tendons behind my knee; nothing that was related to my recently diagnosed ‘jumpers knee’. He immeditalye offered me appropriate exercises, massage techniques and breathing patterns that would reconnect me to my body. I received daily emails from him asking about my progress and guiding me on the journey. As weeks passed the excercises increased and my “PT” turned into training sessions that got me back on my treadmill and eventually on the pavement without pain. I am still a happy regular at IET and I am confident that a long run is in my future.
IET for me is a place where I re-connected, re-focused and re-gained my body back!
Colette Lettieri


I have been working with various personal trainers for the last 17 years.  I have done every kind of training that’s out there.  I always thought I was in great shape, and that I was super strong. For the past 4 years before I met Andrew my latest workout was Power Lifting.  I had been lifting incredible amounts of weight, 4-5 days a week and running the other 2-3 days.  After 4 years of this, I literally fractured my back while deadlifting (improperly, while supervised by a trainer at a different facility). I thought I had great form, and was doing every single move or lift the right way.   In the past, not one of the trainers ever told me I was moving incorrectly.  They always wanted me to do more; more weight, faster, stronger, longer, etc.  I always followed their instruction because I thought they had all the fitness knowledge.  Anyhow, I had always had some pain issues.  I have had neck, shoulder and upper back pain as well as TMJ for nearly 30 years.  I have had meniscus tears in my knee.  I have had severe hip pain on and off for years.

I originally came to see Andrew at IET when I was recovering from the bi-lateral pars fracture of my L5/S1 (Lumbrosacral joint).  During our initial meeting we discussed other areas of my body that hurt and he did a functional assessment.  Andrew informed me that aside from my fractured back, I was also not moving properly with other areas of my body.  I had stabilization issues, balance issues, bi-lateral issues and many other issues and obstacles to over come.    He performed some NKT (Neurokinetic Therapy) testing on me to get to the deeper root of what was causing my body not to move in the correct way and what was causing my neck/shoulder/back/knee/hip pain.

Aside from all of the trainers, I have discussed these issues with and have seen many chiropractors, massage therapists, needling specialists, acupuncturists, pain specialists, Pilates instructors, yoga instructors, etc.  All of these practices have helped with some instant relief for a few hours or maybe even a day, but after that back to pain and discomfort as usual.

I am happy to say that after working with Andrew for the last 7 months I no longer suffer from TMJ.  I no longer have neck, shoulder, back, knee, or hip pain every day.

Andrew is teaching me how to move properly throughout the day and preparing me to be physically fit for life.

The entire staff at IET is incredibly professional and extremely knowledgeable.  They all take physical fitness very seriously.

Jodi Allardice